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Meaghan Claire Kehoe

  Meaghan Claire Kehoe is a full-time emerging mural artist and painter based in Oshawa with community connections across southern Ontario. Her public street art pieces can be experienced in Toronto, Kitchener, Waterloo, London, St.Thomas and future work is coming soon to Simcoe, Aylmer, Brooklin and Port Burwell.


Public Art

  With a fascination toward human psychology and the inner strength to overcome human pain and challenges, Meaghan’s draw is toward representing female strength, depth, resilience and confidence. Meaghan employs symbols from nature, especially to tell a human story that is universal and yet personal to her own. Her works are about connectivity, inclusivity, and awareness. With intense expressive colour, splashes of realism, and punches of geometric shapes and collage, her beautiful aesthetic draws you in. However, it is the prideful subject who welcomes and invites you to stay.


Private Murals

  In the private realm, Meaghan has created murals for Starbucks, Food Basics, Green Press Inc., Brickworks Cider House and more. She has a talent for listening to each client and understanding their visions for a colourful and welcoming space the best highlights their goods and services.



  Meaghan has shown her acrylic, oil and aerosol paintings at the Artist Project Toronto twice as well as many smaller venues. In February 2020, she showcased her series entitled, “Curae” (which is Latin for take care), featuring oil painted polar bears floating in aerosol painted clouds and oceans. The energy of this collection is whimsical and hopeful, but with an edge of urgency for the wildlife in danger of extinction because of global warming. The paintings all sold out, but one which now hangs in her own home in Oshawa.



  After specializing in Illustration at Sheridan College in Oakville, Meaghan completed her French Honours Degree at Wilfrid Laurier University culminating in an exchange term in Tours, France where she studied Figure drawing at François Rabellais Université. Her passion for language and travel has enhanced her style and treatment of the human figure, injecting spontaneity and surprising twists on classic subjects.

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