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Meaghan Claire Kehoe


Meaghan Claire Kehoe is an emerging full-time artist local to Oshawa, Toronto and Waterloo.


Her murals can be enjoyed in over 50 Starbucks cafés across southern Ontario as well as in other commercial and private spaces like Food Basics and Brickworks Cider House, as well as public areas such as Toronto Underpass Park, London Convention Centre, and Kitchener City Hall.


Kehoe has taken special interest in public and collaborative works and takes great responsibility in inspiring positive social massages and creating safe and inclusive outdoor spaces for communities. She is most proud of her pillar at Underpass Park T.O. entitled "Same Love."


Kehoe also takes painting commissions and dedicates time in her studio to her private collection of oil, acrylic and multi-media pieces for collective shows such as The Artist Project in Toronto. She is most recognized for her expressive use of vibrant colour and her Rainbow Nation series- aptly named for its prototype, a portrait of Nelson Mandela, or “Madiba.” 


After specializing in Illustration at Sheridan College in Oakville, Meaghan completed her French Honours Degree at Wilfrid Laurier University culminating in an exchange term in Tours, France where she studied Figure drawing at François Rabellais Université. Her passion for language and travel has enhanced her style and treatment of the human figure, injecting spontaneity and surprising twists on classic subjects.

© 2020 by Meaghan Claire Kehoe.

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