On Introversion and Exposure

On Introversion and Exposure

A friend told me that to truly market myself, I must be authentic and vulnerable. He said -Write a blog! But what if people judge me for my thoughts? -Art is dangerous. True. So here I am overcoming my fears. And it would be easy for you to assume my self exposure (in more ways than one) is an attempt for a shallow kind of public attention. Is that it? Would you believe me if I clarified the purity of my intentions? That I pose for life-drawing art classes as well as a trusted artistic photographer in order to help create something beautiful? This is not a vain type of beauty. The truth is I was a born introvert. I was scared of rubbing people the wrong way, of being judged, and of doing the wrong thing. I was afraid of being seen for who I really was. And because of this, I never did ANYthing. My life was sheltered and uninteresting. Until I started forcing myself to stop playing it on the safe side- the safe side was never a land of self realization- and to try the things that made me a little uncomfortable (not morally of course, but socially). And what do you know! Over time,s I met the most beautiful people, saw inspiring places and did ridiculous things. Things that could get me in a little trouble, but have made my life a much more interesting tapestry of adventures. It is scary. Even “dangerous,” as my wise friend puts it. And sharing it with the world- I dangle a carrot for all those who must find excitement through others’ lives rather than their own. My vulnerability hangs in the air like a butterfly caught in a black widow’s web. But you’ve been that butterfly too, haven’t you? In one way or another, yesterday, last month, or in adolescence. Your truth gets out. So there you have it. Admire its beauty- this vulnerability, nudity of the soul- or gobble it up and spin a web for the next butterfly.

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